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OnCyprus.com was established during the end of year 2008 with a vision and a target to become a leading, modern, and accurate Online Business Directory not only for Cyprus users but internationally. Within a period of 10 years’ time, we managed to be one of the leading Yellow Pages and Internet Promotion Marketing and Web Designers in Cyprus.

With hundreds of categories and thousands of listed companies and a state of the art search engine mechanism, the user visiting www.oncyprus.com can very easily find whatever he is looking for whether this is a business, service or a product.

Besides, this is the main target of the site, meaning to be able to find new associates, suppliers, services and products that match needs and requirements of a professional or an individual.

With more than 5,000 unique visitors daily and a target to continue increasing this number continuously not only from Cyprus but from worldwide, www.oncyprus.com is the right website to place your business details, create your website with us, or promote your services and products through us.


Why advertise on the Internet

and why with www.oncyprus.com

why we are
    1. Internet users worldwide and in Cyprus increase dramatically daily taking advantage of all capabilities of the World Wide Web. This increase does not only apply for businesses but for home users as well, offering the ability to each individual to search, surf, learn and investigate.
    2. More and more businesses increase their marketing budgets on online advertising. It is expected that within the next three years this number will triple. In more developed countries like the U.S.A, Japan, Germany, England and France, businesses spend millions of Euros on online advertising to promote their goods and services. It is worth mentioning that in England, the online advertising money spent in 2009 was more than the money spent on Television campaigns.
    3. Internet advertising and television are today the most powerful media exceeding by far radio and magazines.
    4. Advertising budget through the Internet in sites that have strong viewing and regular visits is much smaller than any other medium. Advantage of online advertising is that a user can find you at any given time, anytime of the year.
    5. According to a survey (RAI Consultants Ltd - 2015), 80% of Cyprus population will be Internet users in the next 5 years. The same survey showed that the money to be spent on online advertising in the next 5 years will be more than the money spent on newspaper campaigns (excluding weekends).


With a vision and a target to provide the user with accurate and detailed information of all Businesses and Services in Cyprus, our website www.oncyprus.com offers solutions for online advertising, with company details placements, creation of websites, banner advertising and many more.